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The Fine Print

This is less a primary document than an amateur piece of art, an assortment of strands of the fine print at the bottom of cell phone company advertisements in a week's worth of New York Times over the summer of 2006. It doesn't have a whole lot of significance, or political importance, but I thought it was a pretty fun experiment with design and a different look at the crap that cell phone companies hedge.

Some of my favorite lines:

  • "the magenta color is a trademark, of Deutsche Telecom AG"
  • "dates, prices, times and cast are subject to change without notice"
  • "Early Termination Fee: None if cancelled in the first 30 days; thereafter $175"
  • "additional taxes and fees may add 6-28% to your bill"
Here is the document:

download these documents
[fine_print_full.jpg, 1.0 MB]